Simon Gosgnach (PhD, University of Manitoba)

Associate Professor Gosgnach

3-020D Katz Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada, T6G 2E1


Tel: 780 492-8090

Research Description

Neural networks known as Central Pattern Generators (CPGs) are able to produce functional motor outputs in the absence of sensory input. By investigating the structure and function of these CPGs we can learn how the nervous system produces essential behaviors such as breathing, swallowing, chewing, and walking. Work in my lab is focussed on studying the CPG for walking (i.e. locomotion). We are using a multidisciplinary approach involving molecular genetics, histology and electrophysiology to determine how the neural networks that produce locomotor behaviour are assembled during development and how they are activated to produce functional locomotor outputs.

Selected Awards

  • Health Scholar, Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, 2007
  • New Investigator, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 2007
  • Barbara Turnbull Award for Spinal Cord Research, 2011 


Selected Publications