Shereen Hamza (PhD, University of Alberta)

Teaching Assistant ProfessorHamza

c/o Department of Physiology
755 Medical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2H7

Research Description:

Sympathetic Nervous Modulation of Renal and Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

The sympathetic nervous system is a key controller of a multitude of physiological functions, particularly in the modulation and integration of renal and cardiovascular hemodynamics. This pertains to many physiological processes including renal function, cardiovascular homeostasis and blood pressure control. As such, the sympathetic nervous system is of particular interest in the pathogenesis of many disease states, including hypertension, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes and obesity.

I am interested in examining the interaction between the sympathetic nerves and systemic hemodynamics in the disruption of renal and cardiovascular homeostasis in models of chronic disease.

Specialized Techniques:

Classical, in vivo physiology approaches. Chronic instrumentation for long-term experimentation. Implantation of indwelling intravenous and intragastric cannulae for continuous infusion. Telemetric recording of blood pressure and sympathetic nerve activity in conscious subjects. Direct measurement of organ blood flow. Intravital microscopic evaluation of mesenteric resistance vessel tone.

Selected Publications:

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Hamza, S.M. and J.R.B. Dyck. Systemic and renal oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of hypertension: modulation of long-term control of arterial blood pressure by resveratrol. Frontiers in Physiology. 5(5):  292, 2014.


Hamza, S.M. and J.E. Hall. Direct recording of renal sympathetic nerve activity in unrestrained, conscious mice. Hypertension Sep;60(3):856-64, 2012. 


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