Saswati Das (PhD, University of Alberta)


FSO Assistant Professor (Teaching)

7-58A Medical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
T6G 2H7 

Tel: 780 492-3427

Educational Background

  • PDF Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • PhD Physiology, University of Alberta, Canada

  • BSc Honours Physiology, Presidency College, University of Calcutta, India

Research Description

I was trained as a reproductive endocrinologist with a background in cell signaling. Over the years, I gradually shifted my area of interest in research to become involved with immunology of cancer immunotherapy, asthma and inflammation biology. My boundaries of research were further enhanced by extending myself in teaching over the last seven years.  Presently, I am involved with teaching and coordination/administration of the undergraduate physiology course in this department.  The topics that I currently teach are: Hematology, Renal Physiology, Endocrinology, and Reproduction.  My commitment to teaching involves students from the Faculty of Science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Radiation Therapy and Dental Hygiene.  I am interested in pursuing directions and ideas that will enhance student engagement and learning experience in class.


Teaching Experience

Human Physiology (PHYSL 210) (2010 – present) Duties involved:  Course instruction and co-ordination.  Lectures delivered on Blood, Endocrinology, Renal and Reproductive physiology.  (Class size: approximately 820)

Inflammation (MMI 436/MED 536) (2014 - present) Duties involved: Course instruction on Danger Hypothesis and Inflammasomes.

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Immunology (PHARM 321, PHARM 493) (2005-2007) Duties involved: Course instruction and co-ordination.  Lectures delivered on Basics of Biotechnology and Immunology.  (Class size: 130)

Immunotherapeutics of Transplantation (PHARM 377) (2006-2008) Duties involved: Course instruction and co-ordination.  Introductory lecture on Transplant Immunology.  (Class size: 130)

Introduction to Biomedical Sciences (PHARM 306) (2007-2010) Duties involved: Course instruction on Inflammation, Allergy and Autoimmunity and Nerve Muscle Physiology. (Class size: 130)

Women and Men’s Health (PHARM 499) (2007 – 2013) Duties involved: Course instruction on Male and female reproductive physiology, Fertilization, Implantation/Pregnancy and Lactation. (Class size: 130)

Environmental Physiology (ZOOL 340) (1996) Duties involved: Course instruction on Biorhythms. (Class size: 119)

Introductory Cell and Molecule Biology (BIOL 107) (1996-1997) Duties involved: Laboratory instruction, preparing and grading exams, writing and preparing quizzes and lab assignment.

Selected publications