Arthur Prochazka (PhD, University of Ulm, Germany)

ProfessorArthur Prochazka
507A Heritage Medical Research Building 
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2S2 

Tel: 780.492.3783

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Research Description

Dr. Arthur Prochazka is a professor in the Centre for Neuroscience, University of Alberta. Dr. Prochazka and his colleagues helped elucidate the nature of sensory input during voluntary movement. Recent work includes modeling spinal cord activity and the neuromechanics of locomotion. Clinical projects have focused on neuroprostheses to improve hand function after stroke and spinal cord injury. These involve the use of implanted neuroprosthesis called the StimRouter and a computerized exercise workstation, called the "ReJoyce" (Rehabilitation Joystick for Computerized Exercise). The ReJoyce system, which features Internet-mediated tele-supervision by remote therapists, is in clinical trials in several cities in Canada, the US and Australia. ReJoyce is the world's first in-home exercise device for the upper extremity that allows remote supervision and entirely quantitative outcome evaluation.


Selected Publications