Anthony Ho (PhD, University of Bradford)

7-26A Medical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6G 2H7

Tel: 780 492 7213 (office)
Tel: 780 492-1229 (lab)

Research Description

Recent advances in the understanding of transmembrane signalling lead to the knowledge that different post-receptor mechanisms can interact to produce much larger changes in second messengers than would be predicted from activation of either receptor alone. This may explain how multiple synaptic inputs are integrated in some cells. Work in this laboratory focuses on the investigation of post-receptor mechanisms involved in this integrative signal transduction system and how this integrative system controls the hormonal output of an endocrine organ.


The techniques used in our laboratory include preparation of cell cultures, radioimmunoassays of second messengers and hormones, determination of protein kinases contents and activities and measurement of intracellular ions concentration using fluorescent probes.

Selected publications