Emmanuelle Cordat (PhD, Nice/Sophia Antipolis University)


Associate Professor                      

7-34 Medical Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
T6G 2H7 

Tel: 780 492-8892 (office)
      780 492-0209 (lab)


Cordat Lab

Research Description

Research in the Cordat’s lab is focused on renal handling of ions, with a particular emphasis on the physiological role of bicarbonate transporters in the renal collecting duct. These transporters are expressed in many organs where they participate in acid-base homeostasis and electrolyte balance. Any imbalance of plasma bicarbonate homeostasis alters a number of physiological processes, including homeostasis of oxalate, a component of 80 % of kidney stones, indirect regulation of water reabsorption, plasma pH homeostasis, bile duct function, spermatogenesis, vision, hearing or cardiovascular function.

The Cordat’s lab works on the kidney anion exchanger 1 (kAE1) protein. Inherited kAE1 mutations can induce a kidney disease called distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA). This disease causes failure to thrive, muscle weakness and renal calculi. We currently work on further understanding the function and regulation of kAE1 and interacting partners, but also of other bicarbonate transporters from the SLC26A gene family. We use a variety of cell biology and biochemical techniques including immunoblotting, immunoprecipitations, immunofluorescence coupled with confocal microscopy, cell culture and electrophysiological approaches.

Selected publications